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Monday Seminar Series


Plant Biology sponsors a weekly seminar series. Every Monday a visiting scientist presents a research seminar on a topic of their choice. The faculty, post docs and students have an opportunity to meet with the speaker on an individual basis. The seminar series is provided as a service to the department and to all others interested.





September 8 

(PRL Grad Students)

Dr. Mark Estelle


September 15

(PLB Grad Students)

Dr. Maureen Stanton

Beyond a Single Host Tree: consequences of Ant Colony demography and genetic structure for an ant-myrmecophyte symbiosis

September 22

(PRL - Thomashow)

Dr. Donald Ort


September 29

(PLB Grad Students)

Dr. Katherine Suding


October 6

(PRL - Wolk)

Dr. James Golden


October 13

(PRL- Montgomery)

Dr. Carole Dabney-Smith


October 20

(PRL - Brandizzi)

Dr. Ram Dixit


October 27


Dr. John Withers


November 3

(PLB - Malmstrom)

Dr. Carla D'Antonio


November 10

(PLB - Brudvig)

Dr. Nathan Kraft


November 17

(PRL - He)

Dr. Hailing Jin


November 24/25

(PLB - Buell)

Dr's. Douglas and Pamela Soltis

Genome doubling and angiosperm diversification (11/24), Biodiversity studies on the Tree of Life (11/25)

December 1

(PLB - Shachar-Hill)

Dr. Chris Klausmeier

Trait-Based Approaches to Plankton Ecology


     Plant Biology Seminar Series

Fall Semester 2014

Jointly sponsored by the Department of Plant Biology and the Plant Research Laboratory.

Room 101 Biochemistry

Mondays at 4:10 P.M.


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